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San Diego Pictures | San Diego photos and prints for your home, office or project.
Returns on Digital Downloads: Once a file has been downloaded, it is nearly impossible for us to tell if the file has been duplicated or saved. Consequently, there are no returns on digital image file downloads.

Returns on Prints: Each print is custom printed then carefully inspected prior to being shipped. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please call us at 858.274.0665 for a "return authorization". If the print is in "new" condition, a 25% restocking fee will be subtracted from your original purchase price and a check mailed to you. You are responsible for return shipping. The print must arrive in "new" condition. Any creases or dings or finger prints destroys the value of the print, making it impossible to resell, consequently a return payment will not occur. If this turns out to be the case, you will be contacted and given the option of having the print shipped back to you.

I'm new to the business of licensing digital photographs. What exactly does the term "royalty free" mean?  Doesn't that mean they are free?

"Royalty Free" does not mean our photographs are "free". Royalty Free is a relatively new business model where a graphic designer or web designer pays a one time licensing fee to use a photograph. "Royalties" are usually continuing payments made to the artist each time an image is used. By definition, Royalties, mean repeating payments. So the term "Royalty Free" means there are no repeating payments to use an image. Royalty Free means you pay a one-time-only licensing fee to use an image and you can use the image as long as you like, as long as the image is always used by the same company and not given to anyone else to use. Royalty Free image use is subject to restrictions. Please review our license agreement to make sure your planned use is permitted under the royalty free license. If your planned use in not authorized under the royalty free license, it is probably still available for your use under the commercial use rights managed license. Contact us for details and to determine which license is appropriate for your use.
Can I license your photographs to use on a web site?
Yes! The lowest priced option is the best choice for website use and will provide you with plenty of resolution for your website design. If you use a photograph on a website, we ask that you send us the URL so we can add it to our "licensed websites" database. There are no continuing use fees for using one or more of our pictures on your website. The one time fee is all you pay. If you aren't working with a web designer, and need assistance with sizing, cropping, or optimizing the image for rapid display on the interent, we would be pleased to size and optimize the image for you.  There is $5 per image fee for cropping, sizing, and optimizing an image for website use. Call us at 858.274.0665 to make arrangements. Your optimized file will be emailed to you.

Do you offer any "free" photographs?

Not at this time. What you are seeking are called "public domain" photos. We don't have any public domain photographs in our inventory. We do offer free "comps" to graphic artists, agencies, and designers. Comp images have a visible watermark similar to the one that appears on our photo detail pages. Comps are to allow designers to determine if the photo or photos will work in the design they are create for their client. Agencies, graphic artists, and designers intend to license the images upon approval by their client.

I'm a graphic designer working on a project for a client.  How do I get "comp" images to try out in my design?

We hope to have a fully automated comp fulfillment system implemented in the near future. In the meantime when you find a photograph that you would like to receive as a comp, write down the "Photo ID" number. The Photo ID can be found in the menu just to right of the upper right corner of each photograph as it displays on it's own detail page. Then call us at 858.274.0665 or use the "contact us" link at the top of each page to send us your request. Be sure to include your email address and a phone number.  Your comp/s will be delivered vial email, usually within an hour of your request.
Comps are restricted to graphic artists and web designers. Comp images are not for student use, presentations, or personal use. The purpose of a comp image is to let a designer/graphic artist determine if a particular image will work in their design. The designer or graphic artist then licenses the image for use in their project. Comp images have a visible and invisible watermark.
How long after I make my purchase will it be before I receive my digital file?
Our fulfillment process is fully automated. Your image will be ready for download immediately after payment is completed. Upon making your payment, your browser will display a page with one of the options being "Return to Merchant". Click on the "Return to Merchant" button and you will be taken to a download page with links to download your licensed images. The download links will also be emailed to you. If you experience any problems downloading your licensed images, give us a call at: 858.274.0665.
What format are the photos in?

All of our photos are delivered in JPG format. Other formats are possible. To make arrangements for custom formats, call us at 858.274.0665.  There is a $10 per image,  alternate format fee.
Do you add photos on a regular basis?

Yes. We add photos as they are taken. Click on "Newest Photos" to see the latest photos that we have posted.
Can I submit photos to sell?

The only photographs we sell are the ones taken by our contributing photographers and our company photographer. We are always looking for talented photographers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We limit the number of contributing photographers to two per region, and with non-competing content. If you feel your portfolio might be of interest to us, give us a call to discuss your work and our technical requirements. Be prepared to provide us with samples of your work in an emailable format. 
Do you offer refunds?

Due to the "intangible" nature of digital photographs, once your purchase is completed and you've download the image file, we can not authorize a refund. There is no way for us to confirm that you've destroyed the photograph you downloaded consequently we do not offer refunds on digital image files. If you are a graphic artist or designer, you can request a "comp" to layout your design prior to showing your client. Comps are delivered at a resolution close to the resolution you intend to license and have a visible watermark.
I am a graphic artist and need a comp without a watermark. Can I get one?
No. To receive any of our digital files without a visible watermark, you will have to pay the licensing fee. Once again this is due to the 'intangible' nature of digital photographs.
Are there any restrictions on my use of the photos that I purchase and download?

Yes. While San Diego Photos and Prints offers great freedoms and a wide range of uses, there are some uses that require payment of a "commercial use" fee and other uses that are strictly prohibited. For a detailed list of authorized uses and prohibitions visit the licensing link at the bottom of any page.
Can I share the photographs I licensed with others?

No. The image is licensed directly to you, the company you work for, or to your client (if you are a web or graphic designer). The image can only be used for that one licensee. If you are a graphic designer and you would like to use the same image for a second client, you must purchase an additional license for each client.
Can I purchase one of your digital photographs and then generate prints or postcards that I sell?
No and Yes.  That specific use falls under a "commercial use, rights managed" license and requires the payment of a commercial resale use fee. Contact San Diego Photos and Prints to license an image for "commercial sales" purposes. Please visit the "licensing" link at the bottom of the page for more detailed information about authorized and prohibited uses of our photographs. Commercial use rights-managed license fees vary from $1500 - $6000 per image depending on proposed use.
I have a very slow internet connection, can I order my digital image files on a CD?
Yes. Simply add the "CD Delivery" option to your shopping cart. Your image files will still be available for immediate download but in addition an CD with your image files will be mailed to you within 24 hours of your order placement. There is $15 delivery charge for this service ($10 for the CD and $5 for USPS Priority mail delivery). All of your licensed images will be placed on one CD. If there is insufficient room on a CD for your photographs we will deliver them on a DVD.

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